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5 Reasons to Have a Tech Blog


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5 Reasons to Have a Tech Blog

Deciding to run a tech blog isn’t easy: it takes time, desire, inspiration, after all. And in simple words, “you need to write only when you just want to write.” Or maybe you need to write when you realize the benefits of it?

A technical blog can be very useful – provided that the author approaches such work thoughtfully, chooses interesting topics, and spares no effort in explaining.

So what can you do with a tech blog?

Deepen and structure knowledge

It often happens that experience alone is not enough for a good article: the text looks unconvincing, there is little theory, examples, or links to authoritative sources. It will take time to find arguments and explanations. But it’s worth it: by diving into the sources, you will fill in the gaps in your knowledge and will help you understand the topic.

All your thoughts need to be packaged in a text – one that others will understand. It is important to work hard on the wording to clear and easy to read. It will also take time and will require effort, but such work helps to put things for the head, to sort out all the knowledge on the shelves.

When you run a tech blog, you don’t just write articles that are liked and commented on. You can look at it like this – you create a knowledge base in your subject area. In the future, you will definitely need to return to theory, or someone will ask you to explain on your fingers how the technology in which you specialize works. If you remember that you explained this in detail in your articles, you will not need to look far for answers.

By the way, you can also benefit from the comments: someone will point out errors (and maybe they will be right!), Someone will share useful links on the topic. All this is a field for development.

Become more valuable to the employer

The resume of IT specialists takes into account work experience and interests outside the project. A blog is an indicator that you are ready, conditionally, to write code for several hours a day and deepen your knowledge and share it with others.

By publishing several articles a year, you are taking the initiative. Employers consider such candidates to be valuable: enterprising people boldly take on non-standard tasks, are happy to learn new things – all this is very important for work and development in IT.

Make yourself known in the professional community.

A blog is a good opportunity to create a forum for discussion and gathers experts from your field around you. If you write useful articles, they will be shared, and more people will learn about your blog. Among them, there will probably be so-called opinion leaders in IT.

What if one day you want to speak at a conference? The blog will not be superfluous here. First, you will already have the material: you can take one of the articles as the basis for your speech. Secondly, someone from the conference organizers may know you in absentia because he read your article, which his friends shared on social networks. Seems unlikely? But it happens. And when you are known, it is always better, especially in Russia, where the selection of speakers at the conference is not anonymous.

Improve the skill of creating texts

Those who want to grow in IT are no longer enough to be well-versed in their subject area. Along with technical skills, it is important to develop soft skills – soft, non-specialized skills. These include, among other things, the ability to convey their thoughts, write letters to colleagues.

Writing blog articles is a great opportunity to build those skills. By blogging, you learn to create a clear, compelling, well-structured copy. People understand you, and they do not need to spend time on additional questions, you – on clarifications. Comprehensible wording will help save both you and the reader time and nerves. And this does not only apply to the blog.

Feel your benefits

Those who work in IT – and especially in a large company – cannot feel the benefits. You write pieces of code for a system, or test that system, or maintain. Sometimes it seems that all work is a drop in a huge sea, and if it weren’t for it, nothing would have changed. This, of course, is not the case. But realizing your worth can be difficult. Especially when the result is stretched over time, and the manager does not give feedback.

Everyone wants to feel needed and important, and a blog is an opportunity to get this feeling. If your articles are helpful, you will get a good response, and many people will read them. Surely, with the help of your work, someone will understand the new technology, and someone will be able to solve a long-standing work problem.


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5 Reasons to Have a Tech Blog

5 Reasons to Have a Tech Blog Deciding to run a tech blog isn't easy: it takes time, desire, inspiration,...
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