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Benefits of Yoga Proved by Science


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Benefits of Yoga Proved by Science

In the ancient art of yoga, everyone finds their own. It is impossible to prove whether spiritual and psychic practices lead to enlightenment and whether everyone is capable of it. But the benefits of some physical exercise in yoga are scientifically proven. We will tell you how yoga will help you maintain or improve your health.

Yoga has long been known, widespread, and glorified by ancient Indian tradition and philosophy. Not surprisingly, two years ago, this system of practices was included by UNESCO in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. There are many currents in yoga. Outside India, yoga is most often associated only with hatha yoga and exercise.

First and foremost, scientists have recognized yoga techniques as completely safe, and the exercises used in it are no less useful than ordinary gymnastics or walking. Physiologists have recognized that certain sets of exercises strengthen the body and immunity.

Back pain stops

This is the main benefit of exercise, which is felt early on in yoga practice. It has been proven that doing oriental gymnastics helps with chronic lower back pain. Back pain is a real scourge for people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Constantly tense thigh muscles take on the load on the lower back, which causes pain. The complexes of exercises used in yoga are aimed at stretching the muscles and do not require sudden movements or serious stress on the joints. In each pose, you need to be from 1 to 3 minutes, depending on physical fitness.

Here are the basic poses for strengthening your back:

  • child’s posture
  • Sphinx pose
  • dog face down
  • slow rock
  • dove pose
  • cat
  • cow
  • posture with back bending back.

The child’s pose is the simplest: support on the feet, knees, and arms outstretched forward. In this case, the stomach is pressed against the thighs.

The Sphinx pose is no more difficult: while lying on your stomach, lean on your forearms so that your shoulders are vertical. The toes are extended.

Downward facing dog pose is more difficult: support on feet and palms, back and legs are straight and make an angle less than 90 degrees. In this pose, which is practiced, for example, by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the muscles of the back and legs are harmoniously stretched.

Breathing is one of the main elements of teaching. If you are working with an experienced teacher, he will tell you how to breathe correctly during gymnastics. The movement of the body and the flow of thought are inextricably linked with breathing. Therefore, pay attention to correct breathing.

Remember not to do yoga if you are in pain. This is how the body reports that something is wrong with the body. Cases of serious injury have been reported for people trying to do yoga despite the pain. Be sure to check with your doctor if your back pain persists after exercise.

Effects on the whole body

Yoga classes are a good prevention of heart and vascular diseases. The heart health benefits of yoga are as much as those of vigorous exercise like jogging. The soothing effects of breathing exercises can normalize heart rhythms and blood pressure. When you combine gymnastics with diet, meditation, and proper breathing, yoga is beneficial even when recovering from heart attacks and strokes.

Besides eliminating pain, stretching exercises also improve posture, strengthen the vestibular apparatus, and develop flexibility. Some doctors even believe that a properly performed set of exercises reduces inflammation in the body and eliminates chronic diseases of the internal organs.

Yoga and meditation

The mechanism of the process of immersion in oneself has not been fully explained by scientists. However, in most cases, psychophysical yoga techniques allow you to calm down and avoid or compensate for the effects of stress.

In groups with a small number of meditators, the level of anxiety decreased and remained low for several weeks after the session. Yoga adepts argue that exercise also allows you to understand your body, bring it into harmony with the spirit and achieve enlightened calmness.

We compared the benefits of yoga and different types of activity, for example, with classes in a fitness club. It turned out that the result depends on the yoga school and the level of the teacher.

If you are just going to do yoga, consult your doctor and remember about safety during exercise. Remember that yoga is about pleasure and health, not anguish and pain.


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