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Effective Ways to Maximize Your Organic Sales Using Ecommerce SEO


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Effective Ways to Maximize Your Organic Sales Using Ecommerce SEO

In a perfect world, every deserving e-commerce store should have loyal customers who can’t come back from plenty of organic sales, plenty of new customers to promote their specials, and more. Of course, this is often far from the case. Businesses and store owners are leveraging digital marketing for their e-commerce services, often to save them the headache of getting those organic sales. Make no mistake, it is possible to maximize sales due to SEO. You need to consider not just the techniques that will help you achieve them, but just a few factors along the way. If there is the best ecommerce SEO agency, it will probably say the same thing.

However, if you have the time to research how to get the most out of organic sales (which you should do if you’re a serious ecommerce merchant and store owner), look no further than the statistics we’ve shared. Request.

1. Don’t let your keywords go to waste.

By this we mean you need to make sure you are paying for the time you spend on keyword research. Make sure your best keywords can be found in key aspects of your product listing, such as the title tag, product and meta description, and the actual product content and category page. Only volume, competition, etc. Make sure you use keywords that you know are best for you.

LSI keywords related to your main keyword should also be added to the category and product pages. These take into account the user’s intention, which will always be directly related to their information about their target audience. If you want to know the most suitable LSI keywords to target, you need to know your customers – neither more nor less. The same can be said for long-tail keywords for e-commerce because it allows you to forego the competition.

Even word length is still an important factor in product page optimization. Google gives importance to long-form content over others, so make sure you don’t write less than 1,000 to 1,500 words per content. The more the better, but do your best to not seem overwhelmed and keep the content relevant and valuable to your audience.

Also, feel free to use glamorous trendy words to complement your keywords and content. Think of these as spices that add much-needed flavor and zing to a meal. For example, the words “sale” and “sale” attract almost everybody, right? Discover the best ones that match the specific products you offer to meet on-page SEO best practices for eCommerce sites.

2. Pay attention to your URL structure and alt tags.

The best eCommerce SEO company also doesn’t overlook the importance of adding alt tags to images. After all, these texts are the only source browsers can use to find out what an image is about. Understandably, it can get a little overwhelming if you need to add alt text for all your images, but if you want them to have a chance to rank (and therefore help your SEO efforts) it’s definitely worth it. taking the time to include them. However, be careful with the keywords you use so you don’t have to be spammy; You can use LSI keywords instead of main keywords.

The same is true for the URL structure you use. The general rule of thumb is to keep it short, neat, and include a clear hierarchy. For example, you should consider adding the category name, followed by the subcategory the product belongs to, and finally the name. You may need to get used to not overdoing it with word lengths and keyword stuffing, but you’ll get there with practice. Don’t limit product reviews to customers.
Allow search engines to access them too. This way, you will hit two birds with one stone by presenting the reviews to potential customers and “convincing” search engines that your store should be rewarded higher for the positive reviews it has. Received.

How do you do this? An effective way to make sure that search engine crawlers also “read” your review is to develop a review platform that automatically embeds the content of your reviews into your site’s HTML structure. If you’re working with someone, you can always ask a hand from the commerce SEO company.

3. Link building is always a must for e-commerce websites.

As a rule of thumb for off-page SEO for eCommerce websites, if your website and store mostly have a rich and diverse combination of backlinks with authority domains, only a higher place in SERPs is guaranteed. for selected keywords. In fact, if you want organic sales, you want as much organic traffic as possible, and without the necessary link juice, it’s almost impossible to achieve.

Again, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the variety. Having 30 different websites pointing to one page of your website will always be better than 30 separate pages of a single website pointing to it. How is this diversity built? Well, guest blogging has always been effective since the inception of retail SEO and remains one of the best white hat strategies today.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to look at your competitors’ backlinks, using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to audit backlinks and “steal” them.

4. Put speed and mobile device compatibility first.

As speed became an important ranking factor in SEO for e-commerce websites in 2018, webmasters made sure their pages didn’t load for more than three to four seconds. Failing to do so simply means you are already losing the competition. Factors like site user time and bounce rate also play a role here.

It’s also pretty clear that you need to optimize for mobile devices. The good news is that most website designs already make responsiveness a priority. However, if you are doing a lot of customization, be careful with mobile device compatibility.

5. Don’t overlook the potential of local SEO.

Going local allows you to avoid most of the competition and can greatly improve e-commerce SEO for those struggling with a larger competitive niche. This is especially true if you have a local store or are planning to develop one in the future. You can create custom local pages to instantly attract potential customers who only want to transact with local stores, including those in the eCommerce world.

Optimizing for local SEO involves adding key position keywords to your on-page and off-page SEO. That way, the more you target a particular location, the more search engines will associate you with that location. This is an opportunity not to be missed if you know that there is a large audience in your area of ​​activity.

Final Words

Ecommerce SEO is too complex a dream to have a single, precise guide that guarantees positive results. If a so-called e-commerce SEO expert claims it, then most likely it’s all-flash but not sizzling.

Remember, we didn’t even mention Google’s refresh factor in this post. The only thing we are sure of is that the aforementioned guidelines will always be “nice” in the eyes of Big Gs as they follow basic webmaster guidelines. Not to mention the fact that many online stores include them in their e-commerce SEO strategy.


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