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Google Penalties and Messages – Explained Guide


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Google Penalties and Messages – Explained Guide

Google has the right to apply manual spamming, also known as penalties, to websites that violates the Webmaster Guidelines. The exact reasons and scope of manual penalties can be multiple. The actual impact can range from barely noticeable to utterly catastrophic for a website’s presence in organic Google Search results.

Written by a former member of Google’s search quality team and an SEO consultant, this regularly updated guide explains the types of penalties currently exist, unravels the mystery of Google messages, and describes how to remove manual penalties. Google.

Manual Penalties and Guide

Since 2012, Google has intensified efforts to communicate with web admins through the Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, about website issues that can negatively affect a site’s visibility in search. Google organic for to the point user-related queries.

This guide will explain interpretation and responding to these notifications, which Google implicitly calls “warnings.” Most of them are related to Black Hat Techniques violations detected by the Google Webmaster Guidelines: Search Quality team. from Google, which is deemed terrible enough to trigger sanctions.

However, the notices do not only refer to the use of black hat techniques. We will also examine some warnings that can be considered sins of negligence, such as the site owner not protecting the site, not allowing it to host spam or being hacked, or not properly implement structured data flagging.

Google has also begun to draw the attention of web admins to the technical problems it defined. While these can still affect a site’s visibility in Google Organic Search, they are not related to any violations of the Google Guidelines and will be ignored here. However, any information highlighted in Google Search Console should be considered important and taken seriously.

All of the sample messages discussed in this guide have been detected in the “wild” within the last 24 months since the date of this writing. Old messages that have not been received over the years are not included in the manual sanctions overview. All sample screenshots have been adapted to highlight the most relevant information that guides how to solve the current problem.

Violation of guidelines and related notices on the page

This group of breaches and notifications applies to issues detected on a site directly under the control of the site owner.

  • Serious and pure spam issues
  • Spam issues
  • User-generated spam
  • Hacked content spam
  • Incorrectly structured data
  • Unnatural outbound links

Off-page instruction violations and related notifications

In theory, while a site owner might not control which other sites link to the site, black hat practices such as buying links or spamming other sites have also caused Google to worry about off-site issues. Page.

  • Unnatural inbound links

Reconsideration requests and related notifications

If you received a manual penalty and made good faith efforts to fix the issues that triggered the penalty, you can ask Google to review your site to override the penalty. This is what is known as requesting re-evaluation.

Each time you receive a manual action notification, it should explain all the steps you need to take to fix the problem; these steps will vary depending on the specific sanction imposed. After meeting all the requirements specified by Google, the final step should include a “Request for Reconsideration” button to launch the process when clicked.

As part of the reconsideration request process, you may need to provide the Google team with documentation outlining the steps you have taken to align the site with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. It will help create a case as to why the manual action needs to be removed.

After resolving all your website issues and submitting a reconsideration request, you may receive one of the following notifications in Google Search Console:

  • Reject updated file notification
  • Reconsideration request (approved post)
  • Reconsideration request denied
  • Reconsideration request processed
  • Reconsideration request approved


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