CleaningHow to Clean Different Types of Glass

How to Clean Different Types of Glass


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Glass is a modern material that is easily accepted. However, when it comes to cleaning your car’s windows, mirrors and windshields, those hard water streaks and smudges are incredibly annoying. Learn how to clean glass with the best techniques for a streak-free surface.

Annealed glass

If there are no special coatings or technology applied in your windows, you probably have annealed glass. When the window made of such glass is broken, it breaks into large pieces.

Fortunately, annealed glass is easy to clean:

  • Wet the window thoroughly with soap and water or glass cleaner.
  • Gently scrub areas with sticky debris or scrape sturdy glass with a razor blade.
  • Remove water and soap from the glass with the help of squeegee.
  • Follow with a microfiber towel to dry the window completely.

Heat-Strengthened Glass

Thermoset glass, which is harder than annealed glass, can withstand sudden changes in temperature. When broken, it splits into smaller pieces than annealed glass.

To clean thermoset glass, follow the same techniques as cleaning annealed glass without scraping it with a razor blade.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass, often referred to as “safety glass,” is five times stronger than annealed glass. It breaks into pieces the size of a pebble stone and reduces the chance of causing injury.

Tempered glass is easy to scratch, so be sure to use a high-quality window cleaner and a soft microfiber towel. Do not rub the glass vigorously and never use a razor blade.

Coated glass

Coated surfaces, from tinted glass to low-e coatings and reflective film glass, are designed to reduce the heat generation in your home or car. Siding makes the window more vulnerable to damage if you clean it too roughly.

Take special care when cleaning coated surfaces:

  • Never use razor blades.
  • Choose a window cleaner that does not contain ammonia.
  • Now dry the surface of the window with a soft microfiber towel.
  • Clean a window with a gentle technique and evaluate the results before moving on to the remaining windows.

Self-cleaning windows

If all this talk about glass cleaning is getting you tired, you might prefer self-cleaning windows. As the name suggests, this type of glass is self-cleaning so you don’t need to:

  • Direct sunlight is used in the photocatalytic process to break down dirt and other organic materials.
  • The hydrophilic process allows the rain to flow through the window in sheets and take loose dirt with it.
  • Windows dries quickly and leaves no streaks.

Bathroom mirror

For an unlined bathroom mirror, follow these tips:

  • Remove toothpaste splashes or dry in hairspray with a cotton ball moistened with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Spray glass cleaner on the mirror.
  • Clean the mirror with a microfiber cloth.
  • Check the lines and polish the glass until it is completely clean.

Windshield interior

Car wash does not remove the yellowish, foggy film that forms inside the windshield. The awkward angle of the glass makes it difficult to clean by hand. To make the task easier, spray the “Scope and Cleaning” tool with a glass cleaner. Twist and turn the tool to reach every corner of the windshield with minimal effort.

Cleaning windows and windows around your home have never been easier! For more tips on how to clean glass, contact Glass Doctor today.


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