How to Look Good on a Video Call

Conferences, interviews, and other important meetings have been online for a year now, and they are not going to leave there yet. Now, to look presentable, it is not enough to put on clean, ironed clothes and comb your hair. It is compulsory to take into account the peculiarities of shooting and building the frame.

Anastasia Makarycheva, EPAM Communication Specialist and Professional Photographer, told Clover about the tricks to look good on a video call. These tips will be handy for those who often speak at online events and hold meetings where it is important to look respectable.

Make sure your face is well lit

For important video calls, online conferences, and interviews, natural and frontal lighting is best. To do this, you can sit facing the window and put your laptop or camera in front of you. This lighting will help hide under-eye bruises, small wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. If windows not available in the room or they are not facing the sun, place a table lamp or ring lamp behind the camera in front of your face.

Disadvantages of other lighting options:

  • The light behind the back will show the protesters only the silhouette of the speaker. The interlocutors will not see the face.
  • Side lighting will split the face into dark and light sides and accentuate skin imperfections.
    If the light source is on top, dark circles appear under the eyes.

Position the camera at eye level

Before starting an online meeting, check where the laptop’s camera is looking. Ideally, it would help if you achieved a frontal angle – this is when the eyes are at the camera level, and the plane of the face is parallel to it. To do this, tilt the laptop lid or place books under the device if you need to lift it.

The wrong camera direction can add years and pounds to you. For example, if the camera is too low, a double chin may appear in the video. If you position the camera too high, the interlocutors will see the top of the speaker’s head more often than his eyes.

Don’t sit too close to the camera

It should be approximately at arm’s length. Standing too close to the laptop creates a fish-eye effect. It will transform you into a person with a disproportionately large nose and overly broad cheekbones. The considerable distance between the speaker and the camera makes the picture small and unpresentable.

Wear plain, patternless clothing

Clothing should not be overpowering. Use a solid top with discreet colors for shooting. Due to the camera’s technical features, the cage, polka dots, stripes, and flowers create flickering in the video. To avoid this, choose a laconic thing without small patterns and drawings.

Remove all unnecessary from the background

The more details behind the speaker’s back, the more they distract the audience from the speech. It is better to use a plain wall or a special photophone on a bracket of severe events.

If you don’t have a suitable place at home, you can turn on the virtual background in your video chat software. In addition to sharp pictures, there are space landscapes and even grass with dew. These backgrounds are best used for friendly meetings with the team and other informal gatherings.