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Mobile Game Marketing – Promote Your Mobile Games in 2021


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Mobile Game Marketing – Promote Your Mobile Games in 2021

With the increasing competition in the mobile gaming industry, it is not surprising that the game marketing strategies themselves are becoming more brutal. Still, there is no better time to make your mark, especially if you know you have a deep passion for what you do.

Many developers, even the most talented, struggle with mobile game marketing campaigns, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to entrust yourself to the path of mediocrity and failure. You know your game deserves to be on top, so why settle for less than that? With that in mind, it’s time to start reading the game monetization tips we’ve shared here if you want to get there.

Mobile game categories in Google Play and Apple App Store

As with different types of games, mobile games are not exempt from being categorized in Google Play and App Store. From Action, Casual, and Strategy to Puzzle, Racing and Adventure, these categories not only provide a wealth of information to organize games for users but also to marketers.

First off, did you know that casual games are still the dominant category of mobile games when it comes to general popularity? These games bring out the best of arcade games, ultimately their relative simplicity and (often) highly addictive gameplay.

However, there are other categories that are more popular in certain countries. Over 60% of puzzle games are loved in the UK, while in India it’s action and war games that drive most players crazy. As a game developer, you have to be aware of these trends in mobile game categories to know which marketing stragtegy you should follow when promoting it.

Promotion of your mobile game

You will see that the mobile gaming industry has changed drastically in just 6 years. There may be some strategies that were very effective in 2015 but are now completely irrelevant in 2021.

Make no mistake, there are some old but golden mobile gaming tips that will give you a lot of revenue so to speak, but there are plenty of new and more effective techniques that cannot be denied. Naturally, we chose to focus on these game ad ideas as below.

Get influencers to play your app

Influencer marketing has risen in the ranking of mobile game marketing techniques quite easily, underlining the promotional value of influencers. Extraordinary influencers can effortlessly create buzz and excitement for any game, and often those who get it already have a considerable following.

Obviously, you need to make sure you get a good slice of the follower cake, and there is no better way to do this than with an influencer who will test your app and promote it in the process. Make sure you choose those who are interested in your game and resonate with your brand. When you do this, top influencers can take everything from there and move it to the point where you can sit back and let them do their magic.

Communicate with online game streams

No, magazines are not outdated. They just underwent a metamorphosis in the form of online game posts. PC Gamer and Game Informer Magazine are just a few of the best examples of this. These posts often feature games, related reviews, and even regular podcasts about featured games.

They also have a substantial and loyal audience, mostly made up of demanding gamers who don’t get enough new content. Is there any audience that will serve better than them?

Dive into guerrilla marketing

This is an unusual mobile game promotion tactic that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, especially in today’s mobile app game marketing environment. In fact, guerrilla marketing is about taking a less traveled path, which is what makes it so remarkable in the first place.

Most types of guerrilla marketing therefore require a lot of creativity and comprehensively utilize what is available in one’s immediate surroundings (i.e. public spaces) and places where people least expect an advertisement to appear. Another involves viral marketing that focuses on creating content to share engaging and interactive. If you use your creativity, the sky is practically the limit.

Focus on ASO and landing page experience

App store optimization can never be taken out of the mobile game marketing success equation. With the entire and most of the player population still stranded at home, it’s safe to say it’s time to raise the stake in 2021.

In addition to the categories below, you should also keep an eye on keyword trends to gain valuable insight into your target audience’s behavior. Actively respond to their changes and new pain points and soft signals they may transmit.

How you respond to them should also be reflected in your landing page as it is still a gateway for better conversions. Make sure you not only view up-to-date information and optimize for keywords, but also make your content more engaging by adding new elements such as videos, images, and other interactive features and sticking to the core apps.

Pay celebrities to appear in big-budget ads

Like the stars in the sky, it would take ages for celebrity endorsements to become trivial. After all, such stars will always have a unique appeal. Millions of downloads can be accumulated only through the famous brand. And if you’re already too confident in paid promotion, why not go all the way with the person to endorse your game, right?

If you go this route, you should be prepared to spend more money than you planned, but since we were talking about big-budget advertising in the first place, this should already be a reality. Also, don’t be disappointed if your first choice rejects you. There are always more fish in the sea.

Impact with attractive elements

UI / UX is very important. The aesthetics of a game can affect people far too easily than before. For example, adding animated and interactive elements on their own can already make a difference in the world, even if they are not related to the gameplay of the app at all, but stick to your style. And if you really know your audience, you should easily understand what will surprise them.

Go via the YouTube channel

YouTube remains a relevant and reliable platform for gaining followers. Ultimately, harnessing the power of video. However, you need to make sure you are creating subscription-worthy content. An effective way to do this is to tell a story in your videos or to host regular podcasts on updates. Also, use your channel to actively engage your subscribers in your community direction.

Use paid ads

Paid advertising can guarantee a high ROI if you know how to optimize your campaign. Today, there are plenty of ad types to choose from already and the good thing is that most of them manage to do all the promotion and user engagement for you. Below we describe these types and trends for mobile ads for this year.

Mobile game advertising trends in 2021

Rewarded Video Ads

Almost everyone wants to be rewarded for doing something, and such video ads have proven that they can force even the toughest gamers to make in-app purchases. Rewarded Video Ads improve user experience and retention rate by interacting with players with premium content.

Playable Ads

The use of playable ads has become an in-game marketing strategy for the uniquely immersive experience they provide. They take advantage of the excellent player’s instinct to tackle a challenge, and most playable ads serve content like this in a logical way. You can even get the opportunity to present a game preview of your app with these ads.

In-stream video ads that show before the video

Pre-roll video ads fit most people’s relatively short attention span. They rarely last longer than 30 seconds and manage to display many features during this time. They can also be skipped or not. Note that most non-skippable ads are only 20 seconds long.

Interstitial video ads

Interstitial video ads are a better option than static ads because of the more engaging content that video ad units show. They are also versatile as they can be placed almost anywhere on your landing page or on any website. Choose this for easy income.


Who Said Display Advertising Has Gone The Dust? In fact, statistics show that it continues to grow even in these unusual times. Game marketing trends also show that embedding video in banner ads increases engagement and conversion by more than 15%.

At the End

Undoubtedly, the mobile games market, which transformed drastically in 2021, will continue its upward trend. Almost all mobile game development companies will predict this, so you can expect the competition to get tougher. We hope that the know-how in our mobile game marketing guide will provide you with enough tools and motivation to help you navigate these uncharted lands and achieve the success you deserve.


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