UncategorizedThe Effect of iOS 14 on iOS App Development

The Effect of iOS 14 on iOS App Development


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The Effect of iOS 14 on iOS App Development

The eyes of the world have the recently released iOS 14 operating system. The new iOS14 features introduced by the recently released operating system are of particular interest to app developers as they indicate how they should approach their future work.

IOS 14 introduces a few new features that developers will love to pull their teeth out. These have a direct impact on your ability to improve existing apps and create a completely next generation of super-efficient apps.

New features in iOS 14

Let’s take a look at the key features of iOS 14 and the resulting impact on iPhone application development:

  • New privacy features
  • Augmented reality tools
  • Widgets
  • Application clips
  • Photo-in-photo
  • Indicator light
  • Brand new translation app
  • Compact calls
  • Application library
  • Better messaging features
  • Superior Home Application
  • Game with car keys and cars
  • Bicycle and electric vehicle routes
  • Smarter Siri

As you can see, they’ve packed a number of cutting-edge features out there, and this is in addition to a lot of minor improvements they’ve made to other apps like Photos. However, important features to consider for developers are as follows:

1. New privacy features

The new privacy features included in iOS14 have a profound effect on mobile app development. Now apps need to ask users for permission when they need to access their data and also use other websites and apps.

Each time the user downloads an application for the first time, they will be presented with a confidentiality agreement. In addition, it has become possible to use location functions without having to provide specific location data.

2. Augmented reality tools

iOS 14 includes ArKit4, Apple’s most contemporary augmented reality software. Among the things the developers will be excited about is position stabilization, which allows you to pin 3D AR models to various locations around the world with the help of Maps.

Apart from that, updates to the Depth API system allow creating more precise objects to place them in the real world. The cream of the cake is Apple Neural Engine-powered face tracking compatibility that takes face tracking to the next level. Developers can now develop apps with never-before-seen augmented reality features that enable them to serve their customers in more innovative ways.

3. Widgets

As is known, Apple wasn’t many fans of widgets, but with iOS 14, they finally opened up their possibilities. Developers can now create content-rich widgets to decorate the home screen. This allows users to take control of their screens and easily access the data and content they need to access frequently.

Usually, an Apple screen will now light up with weather, action and calendar widgets because it’s something that is checked very often. A phone apps developer can take advantage of this skill to create more engaging apps that greatly improve the user experience.

4. Application clips

The ease and speed of doing business with these apps is outstanding. The application will disappear as soon as you finish the required task. You don’t need to download these apps and use up valuable storage space on your phone, which creates great opportunities from a developer’s point of view. From making stylish, easy-to-use, shortened versions of apps, to integrating app clips into existing apps, the possibilities are endless.

5. Picture-in-picture

This is feature users love. Imagine being able to watch your favorite steam show on Netflix, even while talking with a friend via Facetime. You can even check your email at the same time or use another app. A Thumbnail-sized video with picture-in-picture capability allows you to simultaneously open a chat window or browse the news if you wish.

Moreover, this feature has a very organic and intuitive interface and you don’t have to look for it when it happens to you. This allows developers to take advantage of this feature and provide the customer with a user experience that they highly value and appreciate. Imagine an app that plays videos even while the user is watching other things.

How will iOS-14 affect application companies?

Given the numerous features of iOS-14 that allow developers to innovate endlessly, a paradigm shift in both the user experience and the application development approach can be expected. The completely new features available through this operating system will lead to a significant change in both the way applications are created and used.

Developers should be aware of the fact that using all these cutting-edge features makes iOS-14 a very disruptive operating system. That’s why it’s important for developers to keep their SDKs up to date. The most important ones are related to attribution, meditation and ad adapters, Facebook, Google Firebase, and analytics system.

They can also pay due attention to funnel activities in the form of ad play, tutorial completion, and early completion to enable optimizations. Third, it would make sense for developers to improve their iOS-14 budgets and put them in a position to take advantage of the new features. The same amount of money spent later would not have taken them as far as they are now. Finally, developers must always strategically find new ways to request permission to track users. The great thing now is that they can add a custom message to do this.

There is no doubt that the release of iOS-14 will have a huge impact on app developers, as the rules of the game have changed significantly. However, those who can enjoy the benefits have nothing to fear and can now hope to delight their customers with new age applications they can design and develop.


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