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Vitamin Complexes Review – Doctor’s Opinion


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Vitamin Complexes Review – Doctor’s Opinion

In the spring, the question “Should I drink some vitamins?” occurs especially often. This is due to the fact that after a long winter, monotonous diet, and excesses (alcohol, fast food, overeating), the body gets tired. Hence the weakness, lethargy, pallor, and malaise. As usual, we write it off as “vitamin deficiency” and go to the Internet or the nearest pharmacy for another jar or box. Immunologist Alena Paretskaya told how to choose vitamins correctly:

Avitaminosis – no!

In the modern world, where there is no shortage in grocery stores, vitamin deficiency as a complete lack of one or another vitamin is practically not recorded. Doctors today do not see manifestations of scurvy, beriberi disease, or pellagra. But often there is hypovitaminosis (lack of vitamins or reduced intake) or minimal vitamin supply. What is the difference? In the number of vitamins that the body receives and in the approaches to treatment.

Scurvy or pellagra should be treated by administering a shock, very high doses of the missing vitamin to the patient while correcting the symptoms that caused the disease. With hypovitaminosis and a minimum supply of vitamins, it is necessary to create conditions so that the body receives daily doses of vitamins and can create reserves for a rainy day (those vitamins that accumulate in tissues are B12, vitamins A, D, or E).

What vitamins are needed more than others?

You must consult your doctor before taking and choosing vitamins, they are classified as dietary supplements. The doctor will determine if there is a shortage of certain substances (for example, he will do an analysis for vitamin D, look at the concentration of calcium, magnesium, or iron), and will select the most suitable complexes.

Scientists have analyzed and made a map of Russia on the deficiency of certain vitamins. The analysis of the data showed that in our country the most frequent deficiency was the deficiency of vitamins D, retinol (aka vitamin A), vitamin PP and B1, B2. In addition, gynecologists and reproductive technology specialists add vitamin B9 – folic acid to this list, and for those who do not eat meat – also B12.

Thus, the general conclusion from what has been said is that when selecting a complex, it is necessary that it contains these substances, moreover, in a dosage that covers 90-100% of the daily norm.

Vitamin D and fat-soluble vitamins

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, interest in this compound has increased significantly. There is evidence that cholecalciferol, the active form of vitamin D, is involved in many hormonal and metabolic processes, including stimulating the immune response. He is also responsible for the active absorption of calcium. Unfortunately, in different regions, the percentage of vitamin D deficiency ranges from 65 to 80% of the total population.

Therefore, complexes with cholecalciferol are one of the main ones that Russians should choose.

Vitamin D is indicated in young children for the prevention of rickets and in adults. It is especially important for people in the 60+ category.

For babies, complexes with D3 in drops are needed. It can be:

  • Detriment (oil solution, 1 drop 200 IU)
  • Complicit Aqua D3 (aqueous solution, 1 drop of 500 IU)
  • Vigantol (oil solution, 1 drop 500 IU)
  • Aquadetrim (aqueous solution, 1 drop of 500 IU)

For adults, you can choose the form of drops, soluble or regular, chewable tablets:

  • Ultra-D vitamin D3 25mkg (1000 IU)
  • Akvadetrim 500ME soluble tablets (there are forms of “Fortedetrim” 2000, 4000, 10000 IU by prescription)
  • Detrimax (Detrimaks) vitamin D3 1000 IU
  • Vitamin D3 Evalar 2000 IU effervescent tablets
  • Vitateca vitamin D3 2000 IU capsules
  • Vitamin D3 RealCaps 2000 IU (cholecalciferol)

In addition, there are fat-soluble vitamin complexes that can be consumed to replenish nutrient stores. This is, for example:

  • Antioxicaps series – a complex of vitamins C, E, and A (can be supplemented with zinc, selenium, iodine)
  • Vitateka (Vitateka) Fish oil with vitamins A, D, E capsules
  • Aevit complex of vitamins A and E
  • Solgar Antioxidant Capsule Formula

B complex vitamins

Another problem for many Russians is the deficiency of vitamins of group B. They are soluble in water (unlike the previous group) and do not accumulate in the body; they are quickly excreted in the urine if they are supplied in excess. The only exception is vitamin B12, which accumulates in the liver, but many of us have very limited reserves of it and should be regularly replenished [3].

With a deficiency of the B-complex, various nonspecific symptoms arise – weakness, decreased performance, problems of the nervous system, appetite, sleep, body pain, and much more. You can replenish the reserves of these vitamins by picking up the complex at the pharmacy. It can be:

  • Blagomax complex of B vitamins capsules
  • A complex of 5 hydroxytryptophan and B vitamins (capsules)
  • A complex of motherwort extract 5-НТР magnesium and B vitamins Be healthy!
  • Vitamin complex B vitamins Are healthy!
  • Solgar capsules “B-complex”
  • Magnesium or some amino acids are often added to these complexes, which improve the absorption of the drug and its effect.

A to zinc

For those who need to replenish their vitamin stores, mineral support is also required. Therefore, you can pick up multivitamin complexes with essential microelements. The choice is huge, for example:

  • Zdravcity vitamin and mineral complex from a to zn for men capsules
  • Blagomax vitamin and mineral complex from A to zinc with royal jelly caps
  • Doppelherz Activ Vitamin and Mineral Complex 50+ tab. with orange and passionfruit flavor
  • Vitamin and mineral complex Be Healthy! for men from A to Zn caps.
  • Vitamin-mineral complex Alphabet for men tablets
  • The complexes can be selected by age – for children, adolescents, and adults, the elderly.

There are also complexes for women and men, as well as for special situations – menopause, pregnancy, physical activity, skin, hair or nail problems, anti-stress. When choosing, look at the composition – it should contain all those substances that we talked about above.


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